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Rick "CJ" Bensemon
Percussion (sort of...)

Rick was an early member of the band. He played bass drum when we marched (which, back in those days, was just about any time we played!). Rick was the only member of the group that wasn't actually in the University concert band. We weren't always sure just what Rick was majoring in, but he was taking a lot of keyboard and vocal classes -- and he hung around the music department a lot -- so we figured we'd put him to work. He even met his wife in the music department. (Hmmm, maybe we do know why he hung around so much!)

Rick's nickname, "CJ", was short for "Camel Jockey". He was tagged with this moniker because all the women thought he looked like Omar Sharif. (We should all have such problems...)

After finishing college and finding the love of his life, Rick moved on to a career in the military. I don't know if he's still playing bass drum, but he now resides in Utah and works as a high school teacher and ROTC instructor. (If you ask me, the real Omar Sharif has nothing on Rick...)

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