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Jan Meere

Baritone Horn
Tenor Saxophone

Jan (pronounced "Yahn") joined The Internationals™, and was almost instantly drafted into The Chico Bavarian Band.

Although Jan mainly covers vocals with the CBB these days, he plays a variety of instruments with The Internationals™. He switches between trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone horn, sax, percussion, synthesizer (glockenspeil, harp, zither, sitar, cow bell, spoons, ...well, you get the idea). This works out well for The CBB because we can have him help out in the sax section. We wait until we we get a number that has a particularly tough sax part, and then we give it to Jan... because we like to watch the expression on his face when he gets to the really fast parts! (Tough crowd, eh?)

When Jan is playing with The Internationals™, he adeptly switches between all these instruments, as well as lead and backup vocals (in several languages) and even an occasional yodel. And with all that, he still manages to find the time and coordination required to queue up the spinning lights and fire up the smoke machine (!).

The only thing we don't understand is how to replace the batteries when he finally runs down!! (He didn't come with an operator's manual...)