The Chico Bavarian Band Roster!
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Additional members (not pictured here) are listed below.
Steve McGinnis, Tuba Al Fulbright, Tuba> Jordan Bloom, Trombone Steve Dixon, Trombone Jan Meere, Baritone Steve Wolf, Baritone Bob Boorn, Baritone Bryce Martens, Baritone Frank Kibbish Jr, Clarinet Ed Banes, Soprano Sax Fred Rast, Clarinet Bob Maggiora, Accordian Gregg Hosfeldt, Trumpet Bob Christiansen, Trumpet Don Loflin, Trumpet Bob Gage, Trumpet Bruce Blanchard, Trumpet Bill Bates, Trumpet
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Not Pictured Above...
Kit Bomar

 Jim Deitschman
Frank Kibbish III
Kim Sydener
 Don Dixon
Jack Browne
Byron Yerzy

Baritone Horn
Bob Homes Jr.
 Bill Langdell
George Vest
Arvel Allread
 Barry Guerrero

 Tom Casazza
Mike Eaton
Rick Bensemon
Friends, Roadies & Hangers-On!
Robert Smith
Eugene Amendola
Brad Horak
"Keeper of the Frog"
(Those names in italics are not currently active in the band.)
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