Arvel Allread

Arvel Allread

Baritone Horn

Arvel was a mentor to many of the band members that attended Chico State University. He taught the music program in nearby Durham, CA (the entire music program -- grades 5-12!), and those of us majoring in music education were always amazed at his patience, tenacity, and genuine love of teaching. He was liked by his students as well: almost every student in Durham took a music class from Mr. Allread at some point during their elementary or high school years.

Durham is only a few miles from Chico, so the university asked Arvel if he would be willing to let music education majors work with him as student teachers. (In California, college students seeking a teaching credential must spend a full post-graduate year in a combination of college classes and hands-on teaching in a public school.) Arvel was more than willing (he appreciated the help!!), and ended up serving as the Master Teacher for about a half-dozen of the CBB members.

After retiring from teaching, Arvel decided to start playing his horn again. He chose two groups to work with: back to the circus in the summer (prior to his teaching days, Arvel and Grace (his wife) actually started a wildlife exhibit (in 1947) that grew into a full-fledged circus), and the Chico Bavarian Band in the fall and winter. We loved having him in the baritone section -- his technique was flawless, and he had an incredibly smooth and lyrical tone. And after playing circus marches for so many years (possibly some of the most difficult music around for wind instrument musicians) , we never did find any march or polka he couldn't play flawlessly.

Unfortunately, after an all-too-short short retirement, we lost Arvel to an overpowering illness. His presence in the baritone section will always be missed. He was a mentor, a good friend, and a hero to all of us who had the pleasure of working and playing with him.