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Photo by Linda McGinnis

Bill Langdell

Baritone Horn

Bill has been a steadfast member of the Baritone section for many years now. He adeptly handles the sweet counter-melodies that are so prevalent in Bavarian music, while also managing to keep up with the rest of the section when it comes to the consumption of Spaten beer. (This is no meager task: have you ever seen our Baritone players drink beer?!)

In addition, he has added the Swiss Alp Horn to his bag of tricks. He's always ready to let the rest of the band take a break while he serenades the audience with authentic lyrical sounds that make you believe you're in the middle of the Swiss Alps. ("Ricola!").

The highlight of Bill's Alp Horn performance is when he gives a curious audience member or two the opportunity to try their hand at the Alp Horn. The results are always amusing. Who knows, maybe Bill will one day discover hidden talent in one of the unsuspecting victims.... uh, volunteers, and a new Chico Bavarian Band member will be born! (But take it from us, most of you should keep your day jobs!)