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Photo by Linda McGinnis

Robert "Bobby" Maggiora

Accordian, Vocals, & Maestro!

Bobby is the founder of the Chico Bavarian Band. It is entirely due to Bobby's dedication and tenacity that the group was created, has grown from a mere 4 members to nearly 20, and remains in existence after nearly 40 years! (That being said, all concerns and complaints -- not to mention any legal actions by local municipalities -- should be addressed directly to him!!

Seriously, it is thanks to Bob that the CBB has stayed together over these many years. It's been a long time since many of us were students at California State University Chico, but Bob has taken the time to keep the group together despite the fact that many of the members have since moved all over Northern California.

Bob has even made multiple trips to Europe over the years, just to buy authentic Bavarian music for the band. He has spent countless hours evaluating arrangements, making sure the band always performs with a balanced instrumentation (some of us think there are just too many trumpets, but that's another story...), and picking tunes that will keep the audience coming back for more. And while he's at it, he always finds time to test out a few German beers to make sure they were up to the band's quality standards (what a guy!).