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Byron with the CBB in 1975

Byron Yerzy


Yet another Chico State graduate, Byron is a music teacher in California's Central Valley. He was with the group for a number of the early years, starting when the band originally expanded to 10 people.

(Tthe picture of Byron above is from the original 10-piece group! However, I have it on good authority that he still looks exactly like he did 25 years ago, so I'm sure this picture is quite accurate...).

Byron holds the dubious distinction of being the only member of the band to show up for a gig without his horn! The band was auditioning for a summer job at Disneyland, and we agreed to meet the morning before and all drive to Orange County together -- about a 600 mile trip from Chico (no, the place with the prison is CHINO; we were in CHICO!!). We all met at the required time and place, but by the time we reached Sacramento (over an hour south of Chico), Byron remembered that his trombone was at his parent's house! We all waited for almost 2 hours while he went back to get it. We didn't get the job (they didn't need any German bands that season), but we allowed Byron to stay in the group anyway.

Byron's family responsibilities have moved him into the "Past Members" section, but we hope he'll come out of retirement one day and join us for a gig.