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Photo by Linda McGinnis

Frank Kibbish Jr.


Frank (uhm, well, me, that is...) was the 6th man in the original 5-man group. (?) The original band consisted of Bob Maggiora on accordian, Bruce Blanchard on trumpet, a trombone player (what was his name??), Steve Dixon on drums, and Art Munoz on clarinet.

Frank became the 2nd clarinet player after the band had been together for a while, and moved over to 1st clarinet when Art graduated from college and left the group. (We didn't hear from Art for years, but he recently popped up via email and said hello!)

By the way, about the same time that Art left the group, Steve Dixon moved from drums to trombone because our trombone player left. That's when Mike Eaton joined the group on drums. Steve still plays trombone for the group (why we let a drummer play a brass instrument baffles us too...). Mike's not with the group anymore, but he has a good excuse -- check out his bio to see what he's up to these days!

Frank spent nearly 40 years working in high tech jobs in Silicon Valley, and is the band's token geek. Therefore, it was only natural for him to take on the task of webmaster for the band's home on the world wide web. If you would like to expound on how wonderful this web site is, please feel free to contact him by sending an email to webmaster at bavarianband dot org.
(If you want to lodge a complaint -- about this web site, the band or it's members, the weather, or anything in general -- please refer to the statement on Bobby Maggiora's bio page related to "concerns and compliants...". Essentially, no matter what the problem, we blame Bobby! HA!).