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Kit Bomar


Kit became a part-time member of the CBB clarinet section in 2006. And it didn't take long until he was thrown into the frey, either, because after performing with us at a few gigs, he joined us on our 2007 tour to Germany, Austria and Switzerland... including our participation in the Munich Oktoberfest Parade. (Hey, we believe in "on the job training"!)

It was obvious right away that Kit really enjoyed being part of the group, and he proved to be a quick learner when it came to playing charts that the rest of us had been playing for 20+ years. Finding clarinet players that can sight-read the clarinet parts in Bavarian music is rare, so it's no wonder that we decided to keep him around in the clarinet section.

And as we've gotten to know him, we've discovered that he has other redeeming qualities as well. For example, he speaks a little German (you may be surprised to know that most of the band does not, and in fact, there are no German natives in the band!), and he also has a genuine appreciation for good German beer. Now, you might think that enjoying German beer is not a particularly remarkable quality... but with this band, it's nearly a prerequisite for membership!